I fixed a (really stupid) bug in the activation-mail our users receive after signing up, the activation link should work for accounts created after today.

By: 2god | 18-03-2007 | 19:42 | 2 reactions

new feature:
unvalidated users, while logged in, can resend their own activation mail and modify their mail adress.

also new: has been opened, with the (also)newly build admin-user-administration tools we will finally be able to support our users properly.

By: 2god | 06-01-2007 | 21:13 | no reactions yet

Although the site is not done yet,
the template is not finished,
we are going for launch anyhow.
We'll finish the rest along the road.

And offcourse we'll keep you up to date about our progress.

By: 2god | 04-11-2006 | 17:20 | no reactions yet