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This is the bèta version of the Patrecords database viewer.
The idea of this site was created from a overgrown collection which needed archiving.
After loads of time manually entering all the records, we're now able to present you with our result.

For the future we're planning to create a (legal) MP3 based download system, but not until we're out of the development stage.

Because of the diversity and obscurity of the current collection, It's impossible to name all music styles within. Our records go back to 1900, but to give you a quick feel, we will name you some;
Rock 'n' Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Blues, Western Swing, Cajun, Hillbilly, Doowop, Rockabilly, Zydeco, Soul, Tex Mex, Hard Rock, Skiffle, Beat, Southern Rock, Swing, Pop Rock, Surf, Psychobilly, Girl Beat, Twist, Country Rock, Jazz, New Orleans, Bluegrass, New Wave, Punk, Americana, Mersey Beat,  Pubrock, Ska, Glitter Rock, Disco, Reggae, Gospel, Ragtime, Folk, Flamenco, Funk, Vaudeville etc.

In prospect of completion of this project, we are constantly updating, and adding new data. If you find a bug, think you can contribute relevant information, or if you have other skills which you are willing to share, feel free to post to our reaction page, and leave a comment.

In order to post a reaction, or search the database, you are required to log-in first. In order to log-in you need to create a new account, whereafter you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an activation link that will activate your account. This option was build to prevent abuse, and promote interactivity on this website. Building towards the next version of this site, it's also a necessary security measure if we seek to keep our MP3 feature legal.

Please note that we do not make, distribute or sell any of the records, cd's or other copyrighted materials listed on this site. Currently, the sole purpose of this site is to provide information.

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